15 May 2011

My skin care routine and review on the products.

Hello again, lovers! I got requests asking about my skin care routine, which surprises me because I don't findmy skin that great. I mean I'm ok with it, but it could be better. In order for it to better at this age, I would have to work harder taking care of my skin and maintaining it. It doesn't mean you neccessarily have to empty your bank account to have beautiful skin. I think, like everything else that has to do with our physical appearance looking it's best, you just need to know basic science and anatomy of the body. Why? because we just need the basic and natural nourishment to improve and maintain whatever it is that we want to. For example, for skin hair and nails, find out what would you need to get it to be at it's best condition.

13 May 2011

Spring/Summer Fashion Trends

This spring and summer, we will be seeing a mix of 70's glamour like shimmery, flowy maxi dress and high-waist skirts or pants with blouses tucked in. Also some Biker's trends, think motorcycle jackets and leather skirts and pants! Throw in some Punk trends such as studded jackets and net stockings, add some 60's feminine styles like full skirts and colorful prints and light summery fabric. Then you have the key looks for Spring/Summer of 2011! Hollywood are wearing a lot of  lace, crochet, stripes, capris, wide leg pants and tassels! Let's not forget the jumpsuits and cropped tops. Whatever your style is, this year's trends has a little bit of something for everyone! Or be bold and daring and mix it all up! I don't like to follow all trends, I think some are hideous and ridiculous! I wouldn't suggest everyone should follow trends either. You should always wear what suits you and what you are comfortable in!  Here are some photos of my favorite outfits for this year's clothing trends. Tell me what you think. Enjoy ladies!

I must say, I love the 70's inspired Trend. Here I picked alot of more formal pieces, but there are many 70's inspired pieces you can put together for casual wear. To understand the key look for 70's inspired please read the above intro.

10 May 2011

My First Award; Stylish Blogger Award!

I logged in today and found that I have been awarded with the Stylish Blogger Award by the beautiful and    stylish blogger herself, ELLE! Thank you so much babe! I am very flattered and grateful, especially when I just started blogging 3 weeks ago. I still haven't figured out how to use all the features and options properly yet. I appreciate the aknowledgement and the support of all my followers! Love you all and thank you so much! <3  Especially Elle, please go and check her blog out, if you haven't yet! She's got a little bit of everything for everyone! Thank you once again, ELLE!

The Rules For This Award:

6 May 2011

4 May 2011

Your hair questions, answered.

My hair goes down to about my waist.

I've been asked very frequently about my hair care and maintenance. Also, how I get it to be so healthy and long. Well here it is beauty lovers and followers, my hair tips that I've learn from experience of trials and errors and from being a hairstylist for 7 years. I also, gave you some science facts I learned from College. Hope you ladies find it helpful! Don't forget to leave me a comment, whether it's disagreements, extra information or questions. Enjoy! Xoxo ~Rose.