13 May 2011

Spring/Summer Fashion Trends

This spring and summer, we will be seeing a mix of 70's glamour like shimmery, flowy maxi dress and high-waist skirts or pants with blouses tucked in. Also some Biker's trends, think motorcycle jackets and leather skirts and pants! Throw in some Punk trends such as studded jackets and net stockings, add some 60's feminine styles like full skirts and colorful prints and light summery fabric. Then you have the key looks for Spring/Summer of 2011! Hollywood are wearing a lot of  lace, crochet, stripes, capris, wide leg pants and tassels! Let's not forget the jumpsuits and cropped tops. Whatever your style is, this year's trends has a little bit of something for everyone! Or be bold and daring and mix it all up! I don't like to follow all trends, I think some are hideous and ridiculous! I wouldn't suggest everyone should follow trends either. You should always wear what suits you and what you are comfortable in!  Here are some photos of my favorite outfits for this year's clothing trends. Tell me what you think. Enjoy ladies!

I must say, I love the 70's inspired Trend. Here I picked alot of more formal pieces, but there are many 70's inspired pieces you can put together for casual wear. To understand the key look for 70's inspired please read the above intro.

The Biker Trend. I love the motorcycle jackets, but I'm not sure if I like leather pants or the biker boots.

Punk Trend. The Punk trend is more for those who are bold and daring! There is alot of mixed pieces that sometimes doesn't go together but the individual who wears these items, are care free. They don't care what anyone thinks. They do what they like and obviously stands out. I admire these daring and bold type!

60's Ladylike. I love this trend! To me, it's similiar to the 70's trend but just more polished and sophisticated. Maybe because I'm abit girly and love that most of the pieces are great for this time of the season. I can't get enough of the high wasted skirts and light shimmery fabrics. I prefer the high waisted, below the knee- A line skirts, but I have been wearing the full skirts and florals as well and I like it.

Lace Trend! This is one of absolute favorite trend! I remember wearing lace when I was 15 years old, so it's been around and now it's back and better than ever! I just love the look of lace. I'm actually going to purchase a few more lace outfits, later today!

Crochet Trend reminds me of lace but the material is alot thicker or heavier. I don't mind it, bit I think it suits women with slim figures best. I'm curvy so, in my opinion I think it makes me look heavier. I don't wear this trend, unless it was in the form of a hat or bag.

Strips Trend. I like stripes, but not from top to bottom. I prefer stripe tops mostly. I don't wear it often, but I think it is more suitable for younger crowds. I am not suggesting that it wouldn't look great on mature women, but in my opinion and from what I've seen, those are my thoughts.
Capris Trend. It's back! Oh, yes it is. It hasn't been gone for long but it faded for the last few years. I don't mind capris, it depends on the material and what it is paired with. I just feel that it looks best on taller women. When I wear them, I feel I look shorter and just stumpy! I'm near 5'4 so I'm average height. I think because the pants cuts of at a certain length, it makes those of us who are short look even shorter. What do you think?
Wide Leg Pants. I love this! I think it suits most body types. It balances out the body quite well. As long as the top isn't huge or heavy. These pants looks best with a more fitted top or tops with a thinner material. I'm still in search of the perfect wide leg pants for me!

Tassels Trend. There is a lot of tassel seen lately! It's used as a belt, earrings, or simply tied to a purse strap, necklaces and also on the hem lines of dresses or shirts. I like it, it reminds me of the epic era of Rome or Egypt.Is that odd? Maybe, it reminds some of you of  those rope like ties on your mom's curtains..but I say it's a neat trend. No?

Jumpsuits and Playsuits Trend. I have to say I have mixed feelings about this trend. It depends on the style and color, I guess. Some just reminds me of those jumpsuits seen on mechanics or science lab technicians! Maybe, I've been seeing it worn the wrong way! I prefer the look of the shorter styles.

The cropped tops! Also, one of my favorite trend! It's so versatile. You can wear it for formal events, casual or work. I'm not talking about just shirts, but cropped jackets and sweaters as well. I love a cropped top with a high waisted pant or skirt. I find it very sexy, yet classy and if you don't want to show your midriff, you can always wear it over a fitted tank top!
Sheer Maxi Trend. Last year the maxi dress was popular, and it will be popular this year also. Except now, they've made it sheer! Yes ladies, that means see through! If you are shy, you can wear tights tank tops and bicycle shorts underneath. If you are daring and want to bring some sexy back, just wear your bra and boy shorts panties underneath! Or wear a body suit if you want to hide your stomach, but yet show off your legs. Whichever way, I love this trend!
The Long Tail Hem line Trend. I have mixed feelings about this one. I mean it's gorgeous for hollywood glamour queens but for me? It's a little strange looking. I would feel like I have a tail hanging behind me. I think it looks best designed on glamorous red carpet, Hollywood type of dresses. Well, maybe if it was a shorter casual dress and the back hem isn't drastically longer than the front, than I would wear it. It just won't be on top of my fashion shopping list.

There it is ladies, clothes trends for Spring/Summer 2011! I hope you enjoyed this post and found it useful. Stay tuned, I'm working on Accessories, Hair, Makeup and Shoe Trends for this year's Spring/Summer!


  1. I really like the very first maxi dress! I love maxi dresses even though I'm only 4'10. theyre so comfortable and stylish!


  2. Love that second cut out maxi!! It's incredible!


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