4 May 2011

Your hair questions, answered.

My hair goes down to about my waist.

I've been asked very frequently about my hair care and maintenance. Also, how I get it to be so healthy and long. Well here it is beauty lovers and followers, my hair tips that I've learn from experience of trials and errors and from being a hairstylist for 7 years. I also, gave you some science facts I learned from College. Hope you ladies find it helpful! Don't forget to leave me a comment, whether it's disagreements, extra information or questions. Enjoy! Xoxo ~Rose.

Hair Tips; #1
Do not wash your hair every single day, do it every other day or every couple of days . By washing your hair everyday, you will strip out the natural oil your scalp produces that keeps hair healthy! It will lose some key nourishment. When you dont wash your hair, your giving it time for the oils to penetrate and the hair will absorb it, making it soft and shiny. You won't need any expensive hair products for soft, healthy and shiny hair!
If you are oily, when you do wash your hair use a clarifying shampoo. I reccomend Paul's Mitchell Tee Tree clarifying shampoo and do not condition your roots, just condition the middle to the end of your hair.
If, you are one of those who must wash your hair everyday because you can't stand the feeling of dirty hair and the oil weighs it down too much. Go ahead and do as you wish, But because you are washing it everyday and stripping the natural oils, my advice is to make sure you use a good deep conditioner with protein and leave it in your hair for 15 mins. Do this twice a week.
Not washing it everyday is still the best way to go! So, I say put on some baby powder to oily areas. Sounds strange and funny but hey, it works for most people. Plus it smells good, and disguise the oils. No, it won't leave your hair looking like someone's been using your head as an ash tray! Unless, you are dumping the whole bottle right on your head.
I usually wash my hair every couple days or even on every third day! When I shower, I shampoo my hair first so i can put conditoner on right away. By the time I'm finished my shower routine. My conditioner would have sat there for a good amount of time. I dont deep condition because i dont need to, but if you have dry damaged hair. I reccomend a deep conditioning atleast once a week!

Drink lots of water. Everybody should know this! Water is good for skin, hair and nails and your overall health. Your body is made up of 60-70% of water. Water helps the liver break down and release fat. Also water carries every nutrient, mineral, vitamin, protein, hormone and energy chemicals in your body to its destination. It also cleanse the body of waste and toxin! I can elaborate more about water because I love water. Thats all I drink! But I dont want to bore you with science, when this is about beauty.
Basically, you need water to function properly. You lose it with activites by sweating and bathroom stops, so you need to replace it. Like you would need gas in a car for it to run! I know great analogy right? Lol
*If you drink water only when thirsty. That's a problem because thirst is not a reliable signal that your body needs water. It actually indicates dehydration. You can easily lose a quart or more of water during activity before thirst is recognized.

Try to lower your use of heated styling tools. I only use heated tools for my tutorials or if I'm going out on the weekends. Otherwise after I shower I just let it air dry and go. For those with pin straight hair like myself! If you want texture or volume or waves. Just braid your hair before bedtime or put it in a loose bun or use any techniques that will bend and shape your hair. Just don't pull your hair too tight because you may break it during movement when sleeping! For best results do it while your hair is damp, not wet but slightly damp.
For those with wavy or curly hair and like to straighten. Break it down to one heated tool. Example; let your hair air dry, instead of blow drying and then use heat protective products before straightening.

Dont brush your hair when it's wet! When hair is wet, it swells up making it very fragile and therefore it's easy to break. If you need to detangle your hair before drying, after applying conditioner you can comb your hair with a wide tooth comb or pick. Try not to brush your hair until it is almost dry. If you use a brush to blow dry your wet hair, use a brush that has the fewest teeth as possible.

As hairstylist, I tell my clients at the salon to get trims every 4-6 weeks. Even if its just a quarter of an inch off. It doesnt help hair growth but it doesnt prevent your split ends from splitting higher up your hair. Which makes it look frizzy and dry There's no point of having long frizzy dry looking hair! But to be honest i havent trimmed my hair in a 8 months! why? Because i dont have any split ends but believe me, if i saw one split. Im trimming that sucker off! So very important to trim off split ends.

Dont go to sleep with your hair in a pony tail. It will cause damage because of movement during sleep and the elastic will rip your hair off! If you have long hair like mine and u dont want it getting in your face, loosely braid it and use tiny metal free elastic band. Do not use elastic band with the metal piece in the center. That will break and pull your hair.

Try to limit coloring or highlighting your hair. It's not as damaging as bleach but the chemicals, no matter how low the peroxide is will penetrate the cuticle and removing your natural pigment. That changes the inner structure of your hair, causing a dull looking hair and dryness.
Think of it this way, hair is like wool. Hair is fiber, it's bundled together tightly inside and protected by an outside layer called a cuticle. The inner fiber is more sensitive to damage. If the cuticle is damaged, from over use of heated styling or chemicals ; like coloring, bleaching and perming, the inner core is exposed making it weaker. Also causing dryness, breakage and split ends.
Once hair is extremely damaged, there are no product or remedy to restore it back to it's natural healthy state. That's why the natural, never been colored or product over loaded hair is call, VIRGIN hair. I can give you an analogy, but I won't. Haha
However, you can prevent further damage by cutting down on heated and chemical styling. Or you can cut off the damaged areas and start all over! Like I did. To sum it up, a good rule of thumb is, the less you do to your hair, the better. I don't do much to my hair. I don't use special shampoos, conditioners, oils or concoctions.

Hope that helped you ladies and answer your questions.


  1. OMG! i never knew ure not supposd to condition the scalp! i have readlly dry hair so i never shampoo my hair everyday anyway but... its sooo frizzy now that my hair is short! do the after shampoo hair treatments work??
    btw .. really great post... nd AHMAEZING HAIR!!!


  2. haha, no hun. you can condition your scalp if you're dry! That was meant for those with oily hair! when does it get frizzy? after it's air dried, blow dried or styling? give me a little bit more details, maybe I can help you :) and what kind of hair treatments do you mean? what would it be for? there's tons out there!

  3. Awesome tips and happy to say I follow them religiously. I'm finally back to my natural hair color and keeping up on the trims. I've really missed the natural shine and softness. This time around I'm not going to abuse it.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting.

  4. @Moda Louvain np hun. Have you tried spraying in a leave in conditioner, before you let it dry? and don't brush it through. brushing will cause more frizz. try finger combing or using wide tooth comb. Also, with the leave in conditioner, apply a bit of shine serum like biosilk silk therapy serum. That helps smooths out your hair without weighing it down. Or a little non greasy light hold pomade to bind your hair together, so individual strands doesn't fly away all over, making it look frizzy.

  5. This was a lovely post. I have only recently started thinking about how I should care for my hair. I had a phase of about two years where I did not condition it and I dyed it black all the time. I finally have all the dye grown out and I'm thinking about dyeing it again now. Ut-oh! I loved that tip about not brushing wet hair, need to hunt down a wide tooth comb! xxx

  6. I learned a lot. Now I know the proper care for my hair. Thanks for the helpful tips.

  7. wow thanks, this is really useful! you have the most gorgeous hair! xx


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