26 January 2012

4 minute soft smokey eyes

 Good morning my beauties! Below are photos and instructions on how I do a quick and simple soft smokey eye look in just about 4 mins,inspired by kim kardashian! Enjoy! xoxo~Rose

Products used:

Urban Decay Naked palette

Nyx eyeshadow trio
Nyx false lashes
Nyx lash glue
Maybelline Volum' the falsie mascara

Sigma cosmetic brushes

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23 January 2012

Haul time.

Today, I share with you guys my purchases from Sephora, Forever21 and the local drugstore.

 I found this gorgeous necklace at Forever 21. I love that it has different texture like the gold chain, pearls and the flowers that are made of fabric. The flowers really stood out to me.
 This pretty jade looking bracelet is one of my favorite accessory purchases so far this year. I adore the triple layer beading and the cute ribbon that holds it all together. I found this at the drugstore.
 Got2Be heat protection hair lotion. I haven't used it yet so I can't say much on it but the fact that each is specifically made for different heat styling tools. The one to your left is made for flat iron and to your right is made for blow drying. I ran out of heat protection spray so I decided to pick up some and try a new brand.
 The color of this gorgeous bubble dress really stood out to me. I found it at Forever21. Besides the pretty color, the backless style really stood out to me also. I'm going to have a hard time finding a good bra to wear with it. If any of you ladies know of the perfect bra, please let me now!

 I love the texture and look of this short. I found this at Urban Planet and since I'm dying for spring to come around sooner, I purchased this so I could feel like spring is around the corner. Silly of me, right?
 Ah, the ever expensive Laura Mercier foundation primer! I tried this once, so there's not much I can say about it but that one time I used it, I liked it. It works really well under my Mac powder, although on the box it says it is specially made to be used with mineral powders.
 I love these earrings! It's so chic and bright. I imagine it would compliment the green dress, that I purchase from Forever21 (shown above) really well.
Last but not least, I grabbed these Kardashians nail polish. I really like these colors. I've heard great reviews on these so I can't wait to try them!

21 January 2012

Rihanna's Inspired hair

I love Rihanna's music and style. Below is my version of her hairstyle in her we found love music video. To create this look, all you need is a curling iron, some strong hold hairspray, bobby pins and a teasing comb.

Begin by curling your hair (don't forget to alternate every section you curl). Curl one section by wrapping it around the curling iron rod going clockwise and then curl the next section of hair by going the opposite direction-counter clockwise, continue on curling this way until you have reached your last row of hair. I suggest this method, if you want natural looking curls and more volume to your hair. Once you have finished curling your hair, tease your as hair as desired and gently smooth out the teased areas with your brush, next part your hair dramatically to one side, spray the side you've parted and comb it back and pin hair into place. You're all done!

14 January 2012

Spring trend 2012

I know spring is a couple of months away, but one can't be too excited to take a peek at what to shop for, can they? For those who are as excited as I am for Spring fashion of 2012, look no further because below are photos of  trends we will be seeing around soon enough!

The top twelve Spring trends for 2012 and photos of the looks I like in each category.

The Princess-"Floor-length skirts in silk taffeta, tulle, and organza are paired with everything from boxy lace to spandex tube tops to address everyone’s inner princess—even those who favor biker boots." says ELLE magazine. I'm loving the soft, feminine and flowy styles.

  Animal Prints- move aside leopard prints, designers have been using birds in their bold creations this spring! Yes, you have read this correctly..I said Bird prints, from Hummingbirds to Swans and Pheasant. Sounds silly, right? I thought so too..but to my surprise, I have actually found a few looks that I like. Take a peek at the images above.
 Pastels- I was not a fan of pastel colors clothing in my teenage years and early twenties because I thought the colors looked horrible against my skin tone, but in later years I have incorporated a few pastel color pieces into my wardrobe and I must say, it's not too shabby.

Peplum-I loved this look when I was a little girl and now..it's just okay. It's not a trend I would wear often. It reminds me of what my mother and garndmother used to wear.
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11 January 2012

Animal Hat, Cute or Cheesy?

I haven't really seen animal hats on a grown woman in the city I lived in, until I was on a recent trip to Minneapolis, Minnesota. I was out there during the week of Christmas shopping at the Mall of America and I saw people of all ages and of  both gender wearing these animal hats! I swear every 5th person I passed by had an animal hat on! I thought it was crazy looking on some and cute on others. In my personal opinion, I think it's cute for children and teenagers and okay maybe young adults too but not for someone in their 30's, like myself. I found one on sale for $5.00! so I bought one and wore it out for a day. How could I have passed trying out the trend for $5.00, right? What do you guys think of it? Cute or Cheesy? Trendy or Silly?

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