26 January 2012

4 minute soft smokey eyes

 Good morning my beauties! Below are photos and instructions on how I do a quick and simple soft smokey eye look in just about 4 mins,inspired by kim kardashian! Enjoy! xoxo~Rose

Products used:

Urban Decay Naked palette

Nyx eyeshadow trio
Nyx false lashes
Nyx lash glue
Maybelline Volum' the falsie mascara

Sigma cosmetic brushes

*Click on view more for instructions to this look*

Instructions: 1.Prime your eyelids with any eye shadow primer, this will ensure that your eye shadow will last longer and it will also prevent it from creasing throughout the day. 2. With an eye shadow brush, apply any medium brown eye shadow on to your eyelid up to the crease, apply this color on to the lower lash line also, smudging as you go along to give it that smokey effect (I used Urban Decay Naked palette in the color Buck), this will be your base and transition color for a natural blended look. 3.Take any matte white eye shadow and apply that under your brows to hilight the area. 4. Take an eye liner brush and apply a black eye shadow across the eye lid, as if you were drawing a thick line, do not to go up to the crease. Again, smudging as you go along and extend past the outer corner of your eyes. 5. With the same black eye shadow, create a V shape from the outer corner of your eye and up into the crease, going a 3/4 to half way in and blend until there is no more obvious line between colors. 6. Take a black eye liner pencil and tight line your eyelid, meaning apply it closest to your lash line as possible, next line your water line. 7. Take some false lashes (optional) and apply a thin strip of lash glue, wait 10-20 seconds until the glue is tacky and then with a tweezer (optional, you can use your fingers too) to hold the lash by it's end, apply that on to your lash line, as close to your lash line as possible, wait 20 seconds for it to dry before proceeding with the next step. 8. Use an eye lash curler and the curl the false lashes and your natural lashes together so they blend in, last apply your favorite black mascara on to your top and bottom lashes. Now, you're done! Have a wonderful day! 


  1. I love this look! and I absolutely love your hair...it's so pretty!

    Great blog :-)

    xoxo Aisha

    1. thank Aisha! I really appreciate you reading my blog and i will check out yours as soon as i have more free time :)

  2. Great look!! Love your lip color too.. what is it?? Thanks for following my bloggy, I'm now following yours too :))

    1. you're welcome doll! lipstick is by Rimmel in airy fairy, it's my favorite everyday lipstick! :)

  3. Love the look you created, it looks fantastic. Your skin is flawless it looks so smooth , I'd love to achieve that. The pink lipstick is lovely also .

    1. thank you so much hun. For flawless foundation, use a primer before foundation. That's all I do. I use MAC studio fix powder and a bit of concealer but that is it to my foundation routine. oh and of course lotion before any of the above.


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