11 January 2012

Animal Hat, Cute or Cheesy?

I haven't really seen animal hats on a grown woman in the city I lived in, until I was on a recent trip to Minneapolis, Minnesota. I was out there during the week of Christmas shopping at the Mall of America and I saw people of all ages and of  both gender wearing these animal hats! I swear every 5th person I passed by had an animal hat on! I thought it was crazy looking on some and cute on others. In my personal opinion, I think it's cute for children and teenagers and okay maybe young adults too but not for someone in their 30's, like myself. I found one on sale for $5.00! so I bought one and wore it out for a day. How could I have passed trying out the trend for $5.00, right? What do you guys think of it? Cute or Cheesy? Trendy or Silly?

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Leopard Hat-Charlotte Russe $5 (on sale)
Puffy Belted Winter Coat-Zellers $79
Black Tights-Forever21 $15
Purse-Tommy Hilfiger $20 (on sale)
Furry Eskimo Uggs-(my christmas gift, so warm and comfy! Love it!) approx. $200


  1. Love this, your makeup is flawless and your outfit is unique and fabulous

  2. I happen to think that these hats are cute! I wish I could wear them in Hawaii. I've always wanted one but I don't know where I'd use them. People would probably think that I'm crazy.


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