14 January 2012

Spring trend 2012

I know spring is a couple of months away, but one can't be too excited to take a peek at what to shop for, can they? For those who are as excited as I am for Spring fashion of 2012, look no further because below are photos of  trends we will be seeing around soon enough!

The top twelve Spring trends for 2012 and photos of the looks I like in each category.

The Princess-"Floor-length skirts in silk taffeta, tulle, and organza are paired with everything from boxy lace to spandex tube tops to address everyone’s inner princess—even those who favor biker boots." says ELLE magazine. I'm loving the soft, feminine and flowy styles.

  Animal Prints- move aside leopard prints, designers have been using birds in their bold creations this spring! Yes, you have read this correctly..I said Bird prints, from Hummingbirds to Swans and Pheasant. Sounds silly, right? I thought so too..but to my surprise, I have actually found a few looks that I like. Take a peek at the images above.
 Pastels- I was not a fan of pastel colors clothing in my teenage years and early twenties because I thought the colors looked horrible against my skin tone, but in later years I have incorporated a few pastel color pieces into my wardrobe and I must say, it's not too shabby.

Peplum-I loved this look when I was a little girl and now..it's just okay. It's not a trend I would wear often. It reminds me of what my mother and garndmother used to wear.
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Boroque florishes-ornamental and floral designs were all over the spring collections runway, from being in fabric to being embroided on. I love floral prints, it gives a feminine spring feel to an outfit.

The Drop waist- I love, love this trend! It's the 1920's flapper style inspired but with a modernized twist, by drawing the line just around the hips. Since, I am only 5'3 and have always wanted a longer torso, I feel the drop waist silhouette does just that!

Deep sea theme- from pearlized shell clutches, fish tooth necklaces to coral embellishments..designers have swam with the fishes of the sea and came back up with these ideas and added it to their collection. I don't know how I feel about this one yet, I haven't tried out this trend. However, I do love mermaids. Mermaid style dresses, anyone?
Digital Imaging-Well, the title says it all. Our high tech world of digital imaging printed onto clothing. I could see myself wearing a printed image of my blog header. I am joking!
Midesction-Yes, all of you with the six pack abs, this is your season to show them off! Whether it is fully visble or under see through fabrics, there will be flashes of skin this season. I love it! I need to work on that tummy, starting now.

Matte satin-there was a lot of satin fabric clothing on the runway with elegant and edgy modern designs. I love the look and feel of this fabric, especially in neutral colors and on a nice warm sunny day.
 Abstract art-solid colors in geometric shapes and lines are big this season. I personally like it for tops but not bottoms. Also, I think it looks great on high heels and clutches.

Sporting Goods- You don't need to be a fitness or sports pro to look like one. This spring, look like you own a gym and love fitness with the sports trend! Designers have added leisurewear into their collection, with techie fabrics, sleek track pants and high performance footwear detailed with modern mesh and exposed zips.

Well, there it is everyone. The top twelve trends for spring. Let me know what you think, and remember you shouldn't have to follow all the trends to look fabulous or up to date. Wear what suits your body shape and size and what you feel comfortable in. You don't necessary have to wear trendy clothing to look modern. You can modernize your look with a pair of shoes, bag or accessories that has any of these trend colors or fabric in them. Have a fabulous weekend!

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