My name is Rose. I am a Hairstylist, Free lance Make-up Artist, Beauty and Style Blogger and most importantly Mommy, and Student! I love anything Beauty related! It's what I know and what I'm told I'm very good at. I will try almost every style and trend atleast once. "You'll never know, until you try..." 
Ever since, I was a little girl I was always exposed to fashion and makeup. I wasn't into it until I reached my pre-teen. I started developing my own style at 12. I stood out in a crowd amongst my peers and most of the time I get negative and disapproving stares from parents. My mother allowed me to be creative and wore what I liked, as long as it was age appropriate.  My mother has six sisters and two of her sisters both have three daughters. We were all very close. They dressed us up in the latest trends, and did our hair in many different styles. I grew up watching my mother and her sisters apply makeup, style their hair and shop for the lastest trend. Sometimes, I think they compete against one another! It's a women's thing, I guess. But I'm glad I was allow to express myself through my style. I go by the motto " Be yourself, because those who matter don't mind and those who mind, don't matter" Even if those who matter minds, I'll still be true to myself. I am strong and stubborn in that way. My inspiration comes from my mother and her sisters. To this day, they age gracefully and stay stylish! People always guess that they are much younger than their true age.  I'm here to share my LOVE, knowledge and experiences for makeup, hair, fashion and anything beauty related. I love feedbacks and requests, so please don't hesitate to comment and request. I read all comments and messages and reply when I can.  This blog's contents is of my personal and honest opinion, experiences and perspective. The main content of my blog will be of beauty and fashion, but occassionally I will feature some entertainment (celebrities, movies and music) and culinary posts, travels, as well as my personal life and interests.  

Thank you everyone for reading and a special thank you to my followers! I appreciate you all!                                                                                                                                                                   xoxo~Rose.